Alyson Tabbitha is a Florida-based artist, cosplayer and makeup artist. Inspired by her mother who used to be a professional performer and who made her Halloween costumes as a child, Alyson started her career in professional cosplay in 2014. Since then she has shared lots of jaw dropping content with her one million Instagram followers. Her YouTube channel features all sorts of cosplay tutorials, from costumes to makeup to wigs and props. Her ability to turn into literally ANY cosplay character (regardless of age or gender) will blow you away! Not only does she look the part, but she really gets into character especially when she’s dressing as one of her favorites: Wonder Woman or Jack Sparrow. Alyson stated that “after several years of dressing as him (Jack Sparrow) – and me being a huge Pirates fan since I was a young girl – he really has a special place in my heart”. How sweet!

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