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Calling all egirls!

Are you a creative cosplayer, shape-shifting makeup artist, or a baddie with a perfectly curated pastel goth Instagram feed? How about a gamer girl, TikTok star, or anime stan? Whether you relate to every egirl archetype or just one, Egirls Magazine is excited to connect with confident and beautiful women who feel at home in internet counter-culture. 

If you’re an egirl that would like to be featured on, and the Egirls Magazine social media, we’ve listed below everything we need from you! Your submission can be sent via email to Please note that you must be 18 or older to be featured by Egirls Magazine.

1. Tell us why you should be our next feature!

We won’t make you play “Two Truths and a Lie”, but we do ask that you provide us with a short bio about yourself! Tell us about yourself and what makes you the perfect egirl for a feature with Egirls Magazine. We love hearing about your favorite video games, your very first cosplay, or even your pet’s name! We require a minimum of 3 sentences, but feel free to tell us more!

2. Share your Socials

Every Egirls Magazine feature has links to each creator’s social media. We don’t want fans to miss an opportunity to connect with you! With your submission, be sure to include links to as many of your social accounts as you’d like to share from this list: 











If you have multiple accounts on any single platform, (like a cosplay-only Instagram and a separate personal Instagram) we will list the link that you put first. 

3. Pics or it didn’t happen!

What’s an egirl without a gallery of aesthetically perfect photos to prove it? These are the most important part of your submission, so don’t hold back on sending us your best! Be sure to include 6-12 high quality photos that showcase why you should be our next feature. Professional-quality photos in portrait or vertical orientation are best, but high-res photos from a phone camera are acceptable. Please give us a variety of poses to choose from, making sure that all photos are SFW. We do not accept photos with nudity, weapons or violence, or photos that include other people. Please include a credit if any of your photos were taken by another photographer – Instagram links are fine. 

4. Keep your fingers crossed!

All submissions are for consideration only- it is not a guarantee that they will be posted to or our social media pages. The best way to increase your chances of being featured is to provide us with as much information and photos as possible! We have the right to refuse any submissions that do not follow our SFW guidelines.

5. Follow us!

If you’re selected to be the next Egirls Magazine Featured Egirl, you’ll be promoted on all of our social media platforms! Make sure to follow us so that you don’t miss out on seeing yourself alongside many other incredible egirls!

If you have questions regarding a submission or see a post that you believe violates our guidelines, please contact us via email at

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